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Famous Clay

Modern living is under pollutant, our involvement of daily routine work is under various environmental influence such as smoky and toxic air, oil pollution, air conditioning, heat drugs, smoking, alcohol and intake of fast food, junk food, tea, coffee etc..

AXM Refining toner helps the natural function of your skin. It also helps reduce shininess by balancing the skin's serum production. Apple vinegar helps to brightening, fairer and more translucent giving you a youthful and luminous glow.

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BB Cream

AXM BB protection Cream protects your skin from harmful effects of the sun and airborne pollutants. Very effective against pigmentation, dark spots, pimples and works even on oily or dry skin. Your skin will look dramatically younger with regular use.

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Fairness Cream

Daily brightening gel, full enriched with jojoba oil that target hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, small surface spots, stubborn spots and future spots on skin surface. In the meantime protect inner skin against melanin. 

AXM Moisturizer
(Shea Butter)

AXM ultra firming basic care with SPF15 is now improved with an advanced water base that provides skin instant absorption capability and long lasting moisture your skin with ingredients extracted safely from apple. Slowly removes fine lines, wrinkles, irregular complexion and skin dryness. Come discover the fresh rejuvenated glow. 


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