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Pokémon GO Joystick APK Download for Android - Free & Safe

Analog Stick Pokemon Go APK Download: How to Play Pokemon Go with a Joystick

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, but it can also be challenging and frustrating at times. If you want to catch more Pokemon, explore new places, and have more fun, you might want to try playing with an analog stick. In this article, we will show you how to download and install the analog stick Pokemon Go APK, which lets you control your character with a virtual joystick on your screen. We will also explain what an analog stick is, how it works with Pokemon Go, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and how to solve some common issues that you might encounter.

What is Pokemon Go and why is it so popular?

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play augmented reality game that was released in 2016 by Niantic, Inc. The game uses your smartphone's GPS, camera, and internet connection to let you catch, train, battle, and trade virtual creatures called Pokemon in the real world. You can find Pokemon in different locations based on their type, such as water, fire, grass, etc. You can also visit PokeStops and Gyms, which are landmarks like churches, monuments, parks, etc., where you can collect items, join teams, and participate in raids and battles with other players.

analog stick pokemon go apk download

Download Zip:

Pokemon Go features and benefits

Playing Pokemon Go has several benefits, including:

  • It is fun and easy to play.

  • You can play for free.

  • It can make you healthier by encouraging you to walk, run, bike, or explore new places.

  • It can help you treat some psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and PTSD, by using augmented reality technology.

  • It can create opportunities to play and interact socially with other people.

  • It has a non-threatening theme for all ages.

  • It provides exercise for your brain by challenging you to memorize types, names, moves, etc.

  • It helps you live your childhood dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer.

  • It helps you build something local by supporting local businesses and communities.

  • It leads to casual conversations with strangers who share your interest.

Pokemon Go tips and tricks

If you want to be the best trainer around, you need to know some tips and tricks for playing Pokemon Go. Here are some of them:

  • Delete field research tasks that are too difficult or boring and get a new one instead.

  • Claim rewards one at a time rather than all at once to avoid wasting items or missing out on new Pokemon.

  • Save Stardust and build XP by catching as many Pokemon as possible, especially during events or with Lucky Eggs.

  • Throw Pokeballs correctly by aiming for the colored circle inside the white circle. The smaller the colored circle, the higher the chance of catching the Pokemon. You can also use curveballs or berries to increase your odds.

  • Catch Legendary Pokemon by participating in raids with other players. You will need a Raid Pass or a Remote Raid Pass to join a raid. You can also use Golden Razz Berries or Silver Pinap Berries to boost your catch rate.

  • Use Pinap Berries to double the amount of candy you get from catching a Pokemon.

  • Evolve Pokemon with high IVs (individual values) and CP (combat power) to get stronger Pokemon for battles and raids.

  • Transfer duplicate or unwanted Pokemon to Professor Willow to get more candy and free up space in your storage.

  • Use the appraisal feature to check the IVs and potential of your Pokemon. You can also use third-party apps or websites to get more accurate results.

  • Join a team (Instinct, Mystic, or Valor) and cooperate with your teammates to take over and defend Gyms. You can also earn coins, items, and badges by holding Gyms.

  • Trade Pokemon with your friends to get bonus candy, XP, and a chance to get a Lucky Pokemon, which costs less Stardust to power up.

  • Battle other players in the Go Battle League or in friendly matches to earn rewards, rank up, and show off your skills.

What is an analog stick and how does it work with Pokemon Go?

An analog stick is a type of controller that allows you to move your character in different directions with varying degrees of speed and precision. Unlike a digital button or a directional pad, which only have four or eight directions, an analog stick can detect any angle and pressure that you apply to it. This makes it more suitable for games that require smooth and accurate movements, such as racing, shooting, or fighting games.

Analog stick definition and types

An analog stick is also known as a joystick, thumbstick, control stick, or nub. It consists of a plastic or rubber cap that is attached to a potentiometer (a device that measures electric voltage) inside the controller. The potentiometer sends signals to the game console or computer based on the position and force of the cap. The game then translates these signals into movements on the screen.

There are different types of analog sticks, such as:

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  • Dual analog sticks: These are the most common type of analog sticks in modern controllers. They have two analog sticks, one on the left and one on the right side of the controller. The left stick is usually used for moving the character, while the right stick is used for aiming, camera control, or other functions.

  • Single analog stick: This is an older type of analog stick that has only one stick on the controller. It is usually located in the center or on the left side of the controller. It can be used for moving the character or for other functions, depending on the game.

  • Virtual analog stick: This is a type of analog stick that is not physical but rather displayed on a touchscreen device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. It works by detecting the touch and drag motions of your finger on the screen and simulating an analog stick. It can be used for playing games that are compatible with touchscreen controls.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an analog stick for Pokemon Go

Using an analog stick for Pokemon Go can have some advantages and disadvantages, such as:


You can play Pokemon Go without leaving your home or moving around.You might miss out on some of the benefits and fun of playing Pokemon Go outdoors.

You can access more locations and catch more Pokemon that are not available in your area.You might violate the terms of service of Pokemon Go and risk getting banned or suspended.

You can save time, money, and battery by not traveling or using transportation.You might experience technical issues, such as server crashes, connection errors, or GPS drift.

You can avoid potential dangers or inconveniences, such as bad weather, traffic, crowds, or crime.You might lose some of the social aspects and interactions of playing Pokemon Go with other people.

How to download and install the analog stick Pokemon Go APK

If you want to play Pokemon Go with an analog stick, you will need to download and install an APK file that modifies the game's settings and adds a virtual joystick on your screen. An APK file is an Android application package file that contains all the files and code needed to run an app on your device. However, before you proceed, you should be aware of some requirements and precautions:

Requirements and precautions

To download and install the analog stick Pokemon Go APK, you will need the following:

  • An Android device that can run Pokemon Go. The minimum requirements are Android 6.0 or higher, 2 GB of RAM, and a compatible GPS and location service.

  • A stable internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi or 4G.

  • A file manager app that can access and install APK files on your device. You can use the default file manager app on your device or download one from the Google Play Store.

  • A VPN app that can change your IP address and location. This is optional, but recommended if you want to avoid detection and access more regions. You can download a VPN app from the Google Play Store or use a web-based VPN service.

A backup of your device's data and settings. Th


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