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Joystick vs. Gamepad: Which One is Better for You?


A joystick, sometimes called a flight stick, is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. A joystick, also known as the control column, is the principal control device in the cockpit of many civilian and military aircraft, either as a centre stick or side-stick. It often has supplementary switches to control various aspects of the aircraft's flight.

Joysticks are often used to control video games, and usually have one or more push-buttons whose state can also be read by the computer. A popular variation of the joystick used on modern video game consoles is the analog stick. Joysticks are also used for controlling machines such as cranes, trucks, underwater unmanned vehicles, wheelchairs, surveillance cameras, and zero turning radius lawn mowers. Miniature finger-operated joysticks have been adopted as input devices for smaller electronic equipment such as mobile phones.


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History of joysticks

Joysticks originated as controls for aircraft ailerons and elevators, and are first known to have been used as such on Louis Bleriot's Bleriot VIII aircraft of 1908, in combination with a foot-operated rudder bar for the yaw control surface on the tail.

The name joystick is thought to originate with early 20th century French pilot Robert Esnault-Pelterie. There are also competing claims on behalf of fellow pilots Robert Loraine, James Henry Joyce, and A. E. George. Loraine is cited by the Oxford English Dictionary for using the term "joystick" in his diary in 1909 when he went to Pau to learn to fly at Bleriot's school. George was a pioneer aviator who with his colleague Jobling built and flew a biplane at Newcastle in England in 1910. He is alleged to have invented the "George Stick" which became more popularly known as the joystick [citation needed]. The George and Jobling aircraft control column is in the collection of the Discovery Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Joysticks were present in early planes, though their mechanical origins are uncertain. The coining of the term "joystick" may actually be credited to Loraine, as his is the earliest known usage of the term, although he most certainly did not invent the device.

The electrical two-axis joystick was invented by C. B. Mirick at the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and patented in 1926 (U.S. Patent no. 1,597,416)". NRL was actively developing remote controlled aircraft at the time and the joystick was possibly used to support this effort. In the awarded patent, Mirick writes: "My control system is particularly applicable in maneuvering aircraft without a pilot."

Types of joysticks

There are different types of joysticks such as displacement joysticks, hand-operated joysticks, finger-operated joysticks, thumb/fingertip-operated joysticks, hand-operated isometric joysticks, etc. Similar to the mouse in movement and usage, joysticks also include buttons, sometimes known as triggers.

A displacement joystick moves in all directions and controls the movement of a cursor or a machine. A hand-operated joystick is held by one hand and can be moved left or right and forward or backward. A finger-operated joystick is controlled by one finger and can be moved in any direction. A thumb/fingertip-operated joystick is similar to a finger-operated joystick but smaller and usually mounted on a gamepad or a keyboard. A hand-operated isometric joystick does not move but senses the force applied by the user's hand.

An analog stick is a variation of a joystick that measures the angle and distance of displacement from the center position. An analog stick can provide more precise and smooth control than a digital stick that only has a few discrete positions. An analog stick can also detect the pressure applied by the user, which can be used for additional functions. Advantages and disadvantages of joysticks

Joysticks have some advantages and disadvantages compared to other input devices, such as mice, keyboards, touchscreens, etc. Some of the advantages are:

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  • Joysticks can provide intuitive and natural control for some applications, such as flight simulators, racing games, and arcade games.

  • Joysticks can offer more degrees of freedom and precision than other devices, especially for 3D movement and rotation.

  • Joysticks can be ergonomic and comfortable to use for long periods of time, as they can be adjusted to the user's hand size and preference.

  • Joysticks can be more durable and resistant to dirt, dust, and liquids than other devices, as they have fewer moving parts and openings.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Joysticks can be expensive and require additional hardware and software support to function properly.

  • Joysticks can be incompatible or inefficient for some applications, such as text editing, web browsing, and point-and-click games.

  • Joysticks can be difficult to use for people with limited mobility or dexterity, as they require fine motor skills and coordination.

  • Joysticks can cause fatigue and strain for the user's hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder, especially if used incorrectly or excessively.

Applications of joysticks

Joysticks have a wide range of applications in various fields and industries. Some of the most common and popular applications are:


GamingJoysticks are used to control video games on various platforms, such as consoles, computers, mobile devices, etc. Joysticks can enhance the gaming experience by providing realistic and immersive feedback and interaction.

SimulationJoysticks are used to simulate the operation of vehicles, machines, or systems in a virtual environment. Joysticks can provide accurate and responsive control for training, testing, or entertainment purposes.

AerospaceJoysticks are used to control aircrafts, rockets, satellites, drones, etc. in the air or space. Joysticks can provide precise and reliable control for navigation, maneuvering, or combat.

IndustrialJoysticks are used to control cranes, excavators, robots, etc. in various industrial settings. Joysticks can provide safe and efficient control for construction, mining, manufacturing, or maintenance.

MedicalJoysticks are used to control surgical instruments, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, etc. in various medical settings. Joysticks can provide delicate and adaptive control for diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation.

MilitaryJoysticks are used to control tanks, submarines, missiles, etc. in various military settings. Joysticks can provide powerful and secure control for defense, offense, or surveillance.

EducationalJoysticks are used to teach or learn about various subjects or skills in an interactive way. Joysticks can provide fun and engaging control for education or entertainment.




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