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“Our Development Roots, Run Deep”

(Akar Pembangunan Kami, Berjalan Mendalam)

Merbau Jati Corporation Sdn Bhd

(Company Reg. 229632-A)

PKK Taraf Bumiputra/CIBD G7 & Kementretian Kewangan Malaysia


Merbau Jati Corporation Sdn BHd (MJC) was established on 2nd December 1991 and 100% Bumipiutra ownership status. The name Merbau Jati was used in conjunction with the temples of the founder of NOOR HAZAM BIN GHAZALI which was born in Kg, Lubok Merbau, Kuala Kangsar, Perak Darul Ridzuan and it symbolized the Lubok Merbau teak. The MJC beginnings, was rated only

for having an Authorized Capital of RM50,000-00 and Paid Capital of RM50,000-00, now MJC has an Authorized Capital and Paid Capital of RM1,000,000-00.

Various projects were obtained by MJC;

  • In early 1992, MJC was offered Drainage and Earthwork works for the PLUS company, the Ipoh Highway - Simpang Pulai Highway Project which is a subcontract from the RM59 million GKM-IREKA JV main contractor.

  • In March 1993, MJC was awarded the Project Construction of 140mm Raw Material Pipeline and Associated Works, in Johor Bharu from the main Contractor, the Company Active Review (M) Sdn Bhd, worth RM24 Million.

Merbau Jati Corporation Sdn BHd (MJC) was established on 2nd December 1991 and 100% Bumipiutra ownership status.

MJC has established a business structure by appointing directors and managers who are in the field and having approved approvals in the field of construction and supply to develop and increases the company's revenue. In January 1994, the MJC application to obtain the Contractor Service Center (PKK) for the Bumiputra class "B" and the registration of the Malaysian Construction Industry Board (CIBD) has been approved and this has indirectly improved the status of the company and enhances competitiveness in the construction sector .

In addition, MJC has been approved by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia (MOF) and the Ministry of International Trade Ministry (MITI) to venture into the Share Investments which is a new field for MJC which again will add up increasing the company's revenue.

In order to expand its business in various fields, MJC is moving the steps further by applying and obtaining the approval of 29 types of construction-related work in the Ministry of Malaysia Registration.

Armed with various Class B and MOF Certification status, MJC has been awarded various contacts with Government Departments such as the Youth Department, Department Agriculture and Perak State Education Department.

In 1996 once again MJC has structured business structure into the supply, agriculture and real estate sector.  Alhamdulilah, MJC succeeds in this new field and the result is that MJC has built a boarding Milling based in Kota Merudu, Sabah.

To further streamline the field of financing, MJC has upgraded to the field of Construction Industry Malaysia (CIBD) and its result in 2003 MJC has been offered a PKK increase from the "A" class and this in no way simply increases the competitiveness to the construction sector image of the company "Merbau Jati Corporation, as well as adds more projects and revenue income.

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