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 What do you Sell ?

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 Why Sell at          ?
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Be Part of The Global Marketplace

  • bay-are is a "eCoprosumers Concept Store" vibrant  community of millions of Buyers/Consumers and creative businesses producers and manufacturers.

  • Grow your brand with a wealth of new eCoprosumers - promotional tools.

  • Engage with knowledgeable sellers and experts with bay-are teams with our "Receprocity Marketing" strategy.

Chance to Express Your Creativity


  • Share the story of your craft in your profile, item photos, and shop banner.

  • Escape the daily 9-5 rout and focus on your passion.

  • Converse with shoppers, makers, and dealers with our bay-are Community about what you love.

Earn every Penny from your purchased

  • There are no membership fees with bay-are.

  • Members/Consumers or  earn a monthly incentive and converted as a wages for all our "eCoprosumers  Program".

  • Every items eCoprosumers purchase (congrats!), Your entitle for an incentive  % on top of every sale/purchase price made in bay-are. (refer to our eCoprosumers terms and condition on details/contact us)

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