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UTAB SW-689 T Swing Door Opener/Closer Residential/Commercial,Automatic Residential/Commercial Door Opener/Operator

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Technical Information 


  • Capability of working with chargeable battery while cutting off the electronic current without any need to charge
  • 24 volt engine made in Germany
  • capability of opening and closing the door up to the weight of 500 kg and length of 5 meter
  • with a body with high strength made of reinforced polymer
  • resistant against different weather conditions
  • fast and easy installation
  • capability of programming for applying 200 remote control and non-restriction in traffic
  • with manual neutral switch for emergency conditions
  • adjust doors opening angle in favorable extent and adjust power of each arm individually
  • capability of opening door in one-post
  • capability of fast stopping of the door during move by pressing remote control key
  • with security system in case of clashing the door with an obstacle, the system will be over loaded and in case of (opening or closing) it will return to its starting point
  • auto closing system with adjustable time and moving with the lowest voice

Electronic Mechanical Swing Door Operator

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