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Available only on White Colour

Minimum order : 3 units for free shipping


Characteristics of the products:

The colours of the product can be made in red , yellow, blue, green and white 7-colours changing gradually and running changing etc. which can be change simultaneously by program and be made to LED screen, simple flash and multi flash effects by the requirements from the customers (OEM).

LED has the characteristics of high luminouseness; it is 5-10 times of the incandescent bulb.

Low energy consumption: The wattage of one LED is only

Long Life Span: The life of the light of the source LED can reach 100000 hrs.

Green and environment-protecting: Whose wasting can be fecycled and leave no pollution.


Usage: It can be used broadly in illuminating indoors and decorations inside and outside, which is an ideal light source for houses, shops, restaurants, disco, night club, showrooms, tea house, the building, outside , cenima, wall pillars and gardens etc.



1. To be safe when installing and charging lamp, disconect the electricity first.

2. It can not be used to dim the light sources.

3. It have to be used in rated voltage.

Sote LED Lamp

RM109.90 Regular Price
RM59.90Sale Price
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