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Deal in Ampang

🔸15 Min to KLCC via AKLEH Highway
🔸80% completed
🔸Huge foreigners demand for rental
🔸Excellent capital appreciation 
🔸Partly furnished with AC, kitchen cabinet, 
     and others
🔸100% Housing LOAN available. 
🔸60% of the units sold 

💰 Starting  from RM350k onwards. 
📣 2 rooms 700sf from RM350k 
      3 rooms 1280sf RM569k (only 445 psf)
📣 FREE 1/2 Parkings
📣 With Pool and Gym
📣 Free legal fees for SPA

Other offers
Extended raya promotion- see flyer

All above subject to Terms and conditions...

AuctionPrice RM760K JalanTK 1TamanKinrar

Property Auctions

You can get a great deal by buying property at auction, But you need expert advice before committing to buy the auction property. You should never just turn up to an auction and start bidding. It’s essential that you know what to buy, where and how much you want to pay for a property. We will do lot of research especially on the profit buyer can make and transfer of title. Buyer need not buy by cash since the completion date will take 90 days we can help to arrange housing loan.



Properties for sale below market price

We have many cheap property for sale below market value which can make quick profit. The moment you purchase the property and start renovating it, it appreciates in value. Some owners need quick cash and some properties are below average property. Once you are done with the renovations, the property automatically goes up in market value. This means that you will be able to ask for a higher price that covers all the renovation expenses as well as having a great profit margin within the deal.

We will recommend below-average property that is in need of renovations. After renovating it, the investor asks for a much higher price that covers their investment, renovation costs, and a profit margin. Minimum cash is required as we also arrange financing to purchase the property.  We have many contractors and our own workers to repair the property. We have seven different contractors, many subcontractors, and our own employees who fix the especially residential properties.

hard loan.jpg

Loans Management


📣📣 Good day, I am Mohgan, agent for processing BANK loans. We provide mortgage solution such as;
✅100 % loans 
✅FREE property valuation
✅FREE stamp duty up to RM300k
✅FREE Monthly RM200 given for 2y
✅ low interest rate 4.5%
✅ Fast approval

Terms and conditions apply. 

📞 Pls feel free to call  019-2211155 (Mohgan) for more details 

Contract Paper Signing

Legal Aid/ Asistance

Sourcing Legal advice


If you are buying or selling, you need to ensure that the person representing your interests is a fully-qualified conveyancing lawyer.  Every property is different procedure depending on whether the property is with or without title, which land office in Malaysia, with or without housing loan, developer or land office consent required and many other factors. All of the above need to be assisted by qualified lawyer what is probably your biggest property investment.

For legal advice regarding any aspect of property law, contact our team today we will recommend you the write lawyers to assist you immediately.


Condo deals
Below Market prce
Loans Management

Do I need a will?

Failure to make a Will can not only lead to unexpected results, your family members don’t know whereabout your assets, cause much heartache and unhappiness for those who survive you. There is a great reassurance to setting out your wishes plainly within a Will.

If you die without a Will the law provides what happens to your estate which may not be your wishes. If you are married, it does not necessarily follow that the whole of your estate goes to your spouse. Some of the assets will be transferred to your surviving parents. We may also be able to help protect your Will from being contested later.

Our lawyer fees for a drawing full will only cost RM500.00. They offer free and safe storage of original Wills in our strong room.

Legal Asistance
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