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C'cille Couture Bolalin

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

She's Back! Good news!

About C'cille Introducing Ce'cille Our goal at C'cille is to provide the career/non woman with bold, spirited, inspiring and versatile accent pieces that brings energy to her basic daily activities and wardrobe. Fashion reveals looks and mirrors the personality of the woman that wears them: professionally with dare and flare Taste! The vision @ C'cille is to create eclectic pieces: to mix with one’s current life style and build an entirely new looks and fresh exiting feelings while having and wearing our very own creation/collections– from sporty casual to relaxed elegance.

For the woman/ladies that's always an on-the-go lifestyle, from meeting with clients, to picking up the kids from school, or joining girlfriends for a seeming less hot cup of cappuccino, C'cille woman's/ladies is always revered/dedicated for her fashion style.

C'cille-Vision Is to create a highly integrated/innovated clothing design and a manufacturing company of her own, C'cille will launches a catalogue collection that reflects seamless operations from online to one stop store concept cafe. Our offices in Malaysia and Philippines are strategically located to service all your account needs. They also provide a direct link to out in-factory design and product development teams in Philippines, where C'cille translates designs straight from the heart. Our factory design studio – C'cille innovative/over the edge (edgy) concept – shortens production and delivery timelines through direct, easy and accurate communication. C'cille passes these cost savings to you, delivering ready-to-wear and custom designs at competitive prices.

Professionally with dare and flare Taste!

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